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on 31/3/2017, 12:17 am
Name: Leonio

Age: 28

From: Greece


Tell us about you: I am enjoying joining in group events and accomplish missions and i like to be compete against strong opponents and i am helpful

What MMORPG game's are you interest or played before? TERA, Archeage, Raiderz, Lineage2

Why do you wish to join the GUILD TDS? to be a part of organised community and focus in common goal's!

Describe what you are looking for in GUILD TDS? to be united, friendly and share common goal's

Describe your experience in MMORPG's: Alone can be a hero but together we can be a Legend's!

Can you use Communication tools TS3,Forums,Discord? yes i do!

Do You agree with TDS Rules? Yes.
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