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Must Read Application Form!

on 3/3/2015, 3:15 pm
Make note you don't have to be registered to make an application.

We don't use application forms at the moment but we may use in future, However
Copy the questions Below and then create a topic. Paste the questions and Write your answer beside.
We want short and accurate answers. Never Spam & if your approved visit our topic: Getting Started in TDS routine (you can only read it if you are approved)

Important Note : Make sure that u saw our Clan Rules before you create an application!





Tell us about you:

What MMORPG game's are you interest for?

Why do you wish to join the GUILD TDS?

Describe what you are looking for in GUILD TDS?

Describe your experiance in MMORPG's:

Can you use Communication tools TS3,Forums,Discord?

Do You agree with TDS Rules?

TheDarkStorms wish you Good Luck!
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